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Gamakatsu - Size 4 G-Stinger Hooks
Gamakatsu Hooks - Size 4 - 1 Package - Qty 4

Gamakatsu - Size 4 G-Stinger Hooks

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Size 4 G-StingerHooks

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Looped Stinger Hook System

Voted "Best New Product" for the Terminal Tackle Category at this year’s ICAST show, the G-Stinger is a unique looped series of stinger hooks designed originally to be used with jigging lures to hook fish that strike the head of the lure. While this has proven very successful, further field testing has revealed a long list of other uses. Essentially, with a loop on the hook, it can be attached to almost any lure. Some of the applications include use on spinnerbaits and buzzbaits as well as poppers and other topwater baits that fish have a tendency to slash at. It can even be attached to the back of an EWG Worm Hook and used to prevent short strikes on soft plastic jerkbaits. Walleye anglers can loop it to the back of a jig hook when fishing nightcrawlers and leeches. The number of applications will only be limited by an angler’s imagination.

The G-Stinger consists of a sticky sharp short shank forged hook strong enough to handle the big fish, but not so heavy as to adversely affect the lure. The hook has a corrosion resistant matte black finish. The loop on the G-Stinger is made from super strong braided line to hold up against sharp toothed fish like Pike. It’s flexible enough to let the hook ride in the right position while keeping it from fouling with the main line. A durable shrink tubing covers the wrappings and loop connection providing protection from teeth, corrosion and pliers.

Attaching the G-Stinger to a lure is very simple. Just run the loop through the eye of the lure and loop it over the hook, pull tight and it’s done. Easy to rig, no split rings or fasteners to deal with. 30 lb loop.

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