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Poes Lures

Poe's Lures

Poe's Lures on sale... for "wounded" surface action that'll have the big predators EXPLODING out of the water!
Poe's Crankbaits have come a long way since the first hand carved wood lures, however one thing is for sure and that is there is no substitute for wood when it comes to natural action in poe lures.
Poe's Competition Cedar Crankbaits feature the built-in CEDAR ADVANTAGE, hand-crafted blend of tradition and technology.The lure's strong vibration and sound when deflecting from limbs, stumps and rock make it deadly.

Poe's cedar wood lures offer anglers a natural alternative to plastic. With a variety of different styles and sizes of crankbaits and top water baits, Poe's Super Cedar crankbaits are a favorite of the serious bass angler.
Join the anglers getting trophy-style success with Poe's Lures.
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